Empowering Communities to Make Housing More Affordable

We need to give communities more tools to make housing more affordable for low- and middle-income families, seniors and veterans.

California's lack of affordable housing

Last year, California funded only 12% of the 120,000 affordable homes we need to create each year to meet demand. This lack of affordable housing is:

  • Fueling our homelessness crisis
  • Hurting our workforce and economy
  • Straining family budgets
  • Pushing younger generations to seek affordable living in other states

State law hinders local solutions

Voters in communities throughout California are strongly supportive of creating affordable new housing in their communities, but state law makes it difficult for them to approve local housing and infrastructure bonds. We need to change that.

A local, accountable approach to addressing California’s housing crisis

Our coalition supports legislation to put an initiative on the statewide ballot in 2024 to make it easier for voters in communities to approve local affordable housing and infrastructure bonds, provided those bonds contain strict accountability and oversight. The bonds could fund:

  • Affordable new housing for low- and middle-income families, veterans and seniors.
  • First-time homebuyer assistance.
  • Permanent supportive housing with services for people who are homeless.
  • Improvements to roads and highways.
  • Public transit, like buses and commuter trains.
  • Fire stations, fire engines and ambulances

Our growing coalition

We are housing advocates, community groups, business and labor working together to make housing more affordable for low and middle-class families, seniors, veterans, and workers.

How you can help

In September 2023, the state Legislature passed ACA 1 which would lower the threshold to pass local housing and infrastructure bonds to 55%. This was an amazing first step, but clean-up legislation is needed to ensure the measure that goes before voters is strong, effective and empowers communities to meet all their housing needs.

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